• date_range 06.26 (Fri) Open: 18:45 Start: 19:00 ⇨ 06.29 (Mon) 21:30
  • grade Rock / Alternative / Chill out
  • labelThe fin.Black Boboi
ACT: The fin. / Black Boboi

The fin.がBlack Boboiを迎えた自主企画「#thefin_04」がライブストリーミングで開催決定!
6月26日(金)代官山UNITで開催予定だった公演の代替公演となり、ライブストリーミングは場所を移して新代田FEVERよりリアルタイムの生配信ライブとな、チケットは配信ライブが観れる"STREAMING TICKET"と、配信ライブとThe fin.の当日のライブをYuto Uchino自らが新たにミックスを行い、後日ダウンロード出来るデジタル・ライブアルバムがセットになったSTREAMING+LIVE ALBUM  TICKETの2種類となります。

The fin.’s concert “#thefin_04”, with the trio Black Boboi performing as guests, will be streamed live !
The event, which was supposed to take place on June 26 at Daikanyama Unit, will happen on the same day at a different venue in Tokyo, Shindaita FEVER, from where it will be live-broadcasted in real time. 
Two different tickets are available :  The “STREAMING TICKET”, which allows you to watch the livestream, and the “STREAMING+LIVE ALBUM  TICKET” which, in addition to the livestream link, will also allow you few days after the show to download the digital live-album of the concert, mixed by Yuto Uchino himself,


*The video is only viewable from inside the Zaiko account which purchased the ticket
*Video is unable to be viewed from a direct URL
*The video will start from whichever point you join the stream and you are unable to return to earlier content during the stream
*Ticket purchasers can see archive until 9:30PM on Monday, June 29, 2020 (JST) after the stream
*An unstable internet connection may affect stream quality